The U.S. Patented Science of Sympathetic Resonance Technology - U.S. Patent No 8343030 - "Harmonic And Overtone Audio Therapy..."

No negative side effects, no pills.


The Perfect Recording Of The Perfect Sound®


A De-Frag For Your Brain™ Pure Digital Medicine.

The Power of Sound

Sound Therapy Technologies provides an aural progam designed to promote meditation and deep brain stimulation.

With daily listening to Sound Therapy Technology, dormant neural pathways become reactivated and strengthened. This elevates to even higher levels the drug-free benefits that were previously believed achievable only with advanced meditation and yoga.

Sound Therapy Technology is a patented technology, US patent 8,343,030. You can view the full patent details on the website.

Get Results

How It Works

fMRIs and PET scans have documented that direct exposure to pure sound waves generated from harmonics and overtones positively stimulate brain synapses. Read More>>

We're Different

You have a choice when it comes to aural therapy. Learn how SoundTherapy is backed by research.

Success Stories

See how SoundTherapy has helped parents relieve their childrens' symptoms of neurotrauma. Read More>>
How It Works


Digital Medicine

Designed by science for maximum brain health.

Find out why Sound Therapy Technologies is different.

  •  Patented Audio Design
  •  U.S. Patent No 8,343,030
  •  Specific audio tones in their purest states
  •  Listen only 30 minutes a day!
  View Full Patent

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